History of Namuna Angreji Madhyamik Vidyalaya

Having glance upon the ability and creativity of the laborious students of Gauradaha Mutiple Campus, the founders of Mount Everest English School, Gauradaha guided and cooperated with two young and energetic students Puroshattam Gautam and Keshav Adhikari and started a branch of it at Gwaldubba on 3rd Poush 2049 B.S, the school is now known as Namuna Namuna Angreji  Vidyalaya.

The gaiety and perkiness of the present principal Dhruba Gautam in 2051 Bhadra ,the school was registered in the District Education Office, Jhapa and got a legal existence as Namuna Angreji  Vidyalaya in 2051 Chaitra 19 and started its formal pre-primary classes with the founders Purushottam Gautam and Keshav Adhikari assigning the responsibility of principal to Purushottam Gautam.

Stumpy number of students created economic crisis in the school and with the objectives of increasing investment, the investors Nirmal Gartaula, Surendra Bd. Baral, Laxmi Sangaurala and Khagendra Niroula respectively were integrated and the  number of founders reached six.

In mid-session of 2054 BS, the present principal of the school Dhruba Gautam was requested to invest. In the same year, the school got approval to run primary level too. Because of propound unyielding and smart activities of the then principal Purushottam Gautam and Vice Principal Keshav Adhikari, the school had gained a good social reputation and belief.

Strengthening the credence of the society and the efforts of the then principal Purushottam Gautam and the present principal Dhruba Gautam, school got endorsed for lower secondary level in the year 2056 BS and secondary level in the year 2057 BS. Because of the contemporary political situation of the country, most of the private schools faced lots of challenges and the school also had to face several tribulations. Consequently, the number of students was about 200 only.

In 2058 BS, the school first appeared in the SLC examination and was able to get its all students passed, the social reputation and goodwill of the past was preserved but the economic crisis continued. In 2060 BS, the number of students was limited to 210 and in the whole country; the private schools were in dilemma that the schools should be continued. From the same foundation, the school was also being operated and the present principal reimbursed the investment of the six investors and started to operate in the sole proprietorship, management and control.

From 2058 BS, the principalship was taken by the present principal Dhruba Gautam but the political armed revolution of Maoist was reaching its apex. Despite such intricate circumstances, the school operated in an efficient way. As  a consequence, the school's stupendous student Anjana Rajbanshi,  who visited Japan representing Nepal Red Cross in 2061 BS, in the invitation of Japan Red Cross,  got First position in' between the females'  in the SLC examination of the year 2062  scoring 92.38% .

Namuna English School always being outstanding and excellent in national, district and regional level competitions, acquired the best result in  Jhapa, in the SLC examinations  2065 BS (Binam Uprety scoring 87.75%), 2067 BS  (Apsana Adhikari scoring 89.63%), 2070 BS (Gagan Dangi scoring 89.5%) and 2072 BS (Bikash Shah scoring 3.9 GPA )  respectively.

                                                                 Jay Namuna